dimanche 16 novembre 2014

16.11.2014 : Alina Belle (Russia)

The Queen of the Day
(Number of Participants for the Contest of the Day : 40)

Поздравляем Алину

The look of the day is brought to you by Alina Belle


Girls/Novembre Blog Country

Alina Belle http://www.adorableglory.com Russie
DressedByTwo http://dressedbytwo.blogspot.co.uk Royaume-Uni
Eloise G http://www.frolicsandfashion.com Royaume-Uni
Erika Fermina http://astylepixie.com/ Usa
Holynights Claudia http://holy-nights.blogspot.pt/ Portugal
Katia - Lazy Kat http://www.lazykat.fr France
Kish Orale http://lookbook.nu/kishanne Qatar
Leta G. http://letucc.blogspot.com/ Allemagne
Lillie Fms http://vk.com/iamfeelingmyself Russie
Megan St.Clair http://newgirloldways.com Usa
Nora Aradi http://mesmemosphotoblog.blogspot.com Hongrie
Sarianna V http://the-sweet-vanity.blogspot.com Finlande
Stephanie A. http://lookbook.nu/steffy_15 Philippines
Yulia Solovey http://yuliasolovey.blogspot.com Russie

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