mardi 6 janvier 2015

6.1.2015 : Chloe T (Australia)

The Queen of the Day
(Number of Participants for the Contest of Day : 46)

Wins : 4
Looks in Top 10 : 6
Final Ranking in 2013 : Not Rated
Final Ranking in 2014 : 21th

National Wins : 15 for Australia

Congratulations Chloe

The look of the day is brought to you by Chloe T

Girls/Top10 Blog Country

Chloe T Australie
Aleksandra Pologne
Alex MQM Espagne
Courtney G Royaume-Uni
Joana Sá Portugal
Juliett Kuczynska Pologne
Kimmy D Usa
Lan Nie Royaume-Uni
Manuella Lupascu Roumanie
Sliceofkaren Espagne

Girls/Bonus Blog Country

Amyliss Liddell http://amylissliddell.wordpress Espagne
Ana Mafalda Osório Portugal
Camille Talks France
Emma Pavel Roumanie
Salvia W. Allemagne
Tina Jo Usa

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