jeudi 19 février 2015

19.2.2015 : Kim Tuttle (United States)

The Queen of the Day
(Number of Participants for the Contest of Day : 40)

First Win

First Look in a Top 10

Final Ranking in 2013 : Not Rated - Final Ranking in 2014 : Not Rated

84th Win for United States

Congratulations Kim

The look of the day is brought to you by Kim Tuttle




Girls/Top10 Blog Country
Kim Tuttle Usa
Allison K Usa
Isabella Pozzi  Espagne
Lexicon of Style Alexandra Dieck Usa
Liubov Basharova Russie
Luise Bosquê Brésil
Magda pologne
Nowaki Selenocosmia Vietnam
Sasha Karolik Unknown
Zia Domic Usa
Girls/Bonus Blog Country
Badia Cupcake  Usa
Tabitha Rodriguez Usa
Taylor Doucette Canada
Tijana Momcilovic Serbie

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