dimanche 22 mars 2015

22.3.2015 : Psigelia (Russia)

The Queen of the Day
(Number of Participants for the Contest of Day : 47)

First Win

First Look in a Top 10

Final Ranking in 2013 : Not Rated - Final Ranking in 2014 : Not Rated

76th Win for Russia

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The look of the day is brought to you by Psigelia
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Girls/Top10 Blog Country
Psigelia http://lookbook.nu/psigelia Russie
Dk-worldoffashion http://lookbook.nu/dkworldoffashion Autriche
Giulia vita http://lookbook.nu/user/4135002-Giulia-vita Italie
Laurielle Haze http://the-freckled-doll.blogspot.fr/ France
Lena http://vk.com/lenahoran Russie
Marinna T. http://lookbook.nu/user/4000506-Marinna-T Espagne
Nina Plavnik http://lamodefolie.blogspot.com France
Rebeca Romeo cortes http://unvestidorconideas.blogspot.com.es Espagne
Rosa http://lookbook.nu/lrosa Chine
Yuliya Тлишева http://yuliyatlisheva.blogspot.ru/ Russie
Girls/Bonus Blog Country
Erika Fermina http://astylepixie.com/ Usa
Eziaddictedtofashion http://eziaddictedtofashion.blogspot.com Suisse
Georgie J http://georgieonthewall.blogspot.co.uk Royaume-Uni
Rebecca Cohen Royaume-Uni
Samia Liamani Corée Du Sud
Sandra Holmäng http://www.autre.fi/allabloggar/sandra-emilia Finlande

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