mercredi 8 avril 2015

8.4.2015 : Gabi Payne (United States)

The Queen of the Day
(Number of Participants for the Contest of Day : 31)

2 Wins : 26.3.2015 - 8.4.2015

1 TopGirls : Mars 2015

2nd Look in a Top 10

Final Ranking in 2013 : Not Rated - Final Ranking in 2014 : Not Rated

92th Win for United States

Congratulations Gabi

The look of the day is brought to you by Gabi Payne
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Girls/Top10 Blog Country
Gabi Payne Usa
Adriana M.  Pologne
Alina Tanasa  Roumanie
Amanda Davies  Royaume-Uni
Jana Bereslavec  France
Ksenia Nova Russie
Mayo Wo Hong Kong
Megan McMinn Royaume-Uni
O'lyvia Venner France
Pivonia Ivona Pologne
Girls/Bonus Blog Country
Maya Norvège

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